“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Distance Healing Sessions


Healing - Relaxing - Transforming

In these healing sessions the focus is on healing. Healing the tissue, the cells and the emotion, the patterns and stories attached to those cells. Each cell carries information whether it serves us or not, the information is still there. As we get older, the information that does not serve us, starts to present itself through pain and discomfort in our body also called chi (energy) blockages.

In Psychosomatic Therapy we say that "issue is in the tissue". If we can't see something physically with our own eyes it does not mean it is non existent. The reason, we find out about many illnesses, dis-eases so late is because we can't see them, there is no pain or if there is, we take a pain killer and we keep avoiding the messages of the body until the message becomes 'very loud' and we have no way but to listen and most of the times, it is too late.

We have been ignoring the messages (pain, discomfort, dizziness, fatigue etc.) for way too long. Our body's natural ability to tell you that something is wrong is through pain, discomfort, fatigue, sometimes an injury. Our body is constantly speaking to us.

During the healing session, I connect with your energetic field and start scanning the body clearing the places that feel stuck and congested. All those places that are usually the root cause for the suffering we experience today.

Psychosomatic Therapy


Understand your body - mind - heart

What is Psychosomatic Therapy?

Psyche - mind; Soma - body

It is a science that explores the connection between the body and the mind. The disease (dis-Ease) and its relation to what is happening inside of us. What truly is happening inside of us? Not the surface level. The deeply rooted trauma, feelings, thoughts, emotions. Everything that we have hidden and even forgotten about because it wasn't something we would want to remember or even think about. The truth.

The body is talking. What we as Psychosomatic Therapists do is translate what the body is telling you. It is like translating one language to another so we can understand what someone in another country is saying. Psychosomatic Therapy is translating your body's language (soul's language) to you. By doing that, healing happens. Healing of the cells, the tissue, the pain, the issue.

During the session we can go through a few questions so I can better understand what is happening with you and your body or you can simply tell me everything that is on your mind, then we will move onto either bodywork or a quick body-mind analysis or meditation whatever feels right at that moment in time because whatever feels right at that moment in time is exactly what is needed for your body and the mind, and for healing above it all.