Physical Therapy

tension, pain, injuries - we go to the bottom of it and aim to recover

  • 1 hour 10 minutes
  • 80 British pounds

Service Description

Using Psychosomatic Therapy knowledge as the base for these sessions to understand the real cause of the issue (pain, tension, multiple injuries in the same place or different areas), I look at the body from a 360 perspective. Everything is related. All injuries, pains are related, they are not there on their own. One thing leads to another. 1. We start looking at the history of all the injuries, pains, events in your life to date (30-min). 2. We move into looking at the troubling parts of the body and use Manual Therapy/Acupressure to release the tension around these areas. Many times stories/memories/events from the past come up while I am pressing on certain points and it is important they do. (30-min/ 40-min) 3. We use movement (different exercises) to strengthen the areas that need to be strengthened and create flow in the areas where the flow is needed to release tension. This is also a time where I will show you exercises to do at home. (20-min) Issue is in the tissue and disease is only a dis-ease. Let's listen to the body to hear the messages. The body speaks louder than the mind. Can't wait to work with you. Love getting to the root cause of what is actually happening with(in) the body. Book your session now!