"Love is all it takes for something small like a seed to become a flower and shine its way into the world. Shine. Please do!"

Kristiana Daugava


My Services

  • Understanding the Issue through your Tissue.

    1 hr 20 min

  • Yoga Therapy with Psychosomatic principles

    1 hr 20 min

  • Healing through the tissue

    1 hr

  • In-person only. London area only. Travel included.

    1 hr 20 min



My name is Kristiana Daugava. I was born in Riga, Latvia, and I currently live in London, UK, after spending more than 5 years living in Fiji.
It was March 2015, I arrived to Melbourne and started my 10 day journey into understanding my mom and her autoimmune disease (dis-ease) called Lupus. I always knew there was something more, something deeper.. beyond her pain.
As I delved deeper into understanding the body and the mind through my own tissue, I started seeing my body as a story, a story of my life. My bones carry the wisdom I did not know about, my tissue carries the knowledge I absorb and observe.


"All broken bridges and bridges not created yet lead to a new bridge. A new path. A new way. Way of being. Way of living. Way of loving. Way of seeing. A new life. Growth. We grow. I grow. You grow. Flowers grow. 

We grow.

Always. Every single day."

Kristiana Daugava



When you heal, we all heal.

Rene M. (Business Owner and an ex-pro Rugby player)

"Your hands are magic and your soul is light."


Your happiness is our happiness.

London, UK


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