My Story

​A Psychosomatic Bodywork session can be an excellent way to release trauma without going into the detail of what has happened and when, and most of the times we don't even know anyway. It is stored in our cellular memory.

An Akashic Records reading is a great way to gain insight and tap into your own life. You are able to get an overview of a particular situation, set of conditions, or general life patterns and release beliefs, tethers, thought patterns, that don't serve you anymore.

A Physical Therapy session is a great way to heal the issues behind the tissues. Understanding the body-mind on a lot deeper level and finding the root cause to your current suffering (pain, injury, disease or dis-ease).

An Energy Healing session is a wonderful way to become centred again, feel balanced and rejuvenated.

As a qualified Psychosomatic (Body-Mind) Therapist, Akashic Records reader and an Energy Healer, I love being able to help my clients identify the root cause of the issues, cut through limiting beliefs and understand what is holding them back to become a successful, healthy and joyful human being. I have been in the business since 2015, and am so pleased to make such an impact on my clients lives each and every day. I feel very blessed to be doing the work I do.