Feeling is Healing.

My name is Kristiana Daugava. I was born in Riga, Latvia, and I currently live in London, UK, after spending more than 5 years living in Fiji.

I was introduced to Psychosomatic (psyche - mind, soma - body) Therapy in Melbourne by Bianca Moeschinger. It was March 2015, I arrived to Melbourne and started my 10 day journey into understanding my mom and her autoimmune disease (dis-ease) called Lupus. I always knew there was something more, something deeper.. beyond her pain. That there was a connection between how she felt mentally (depressed, stressed, negative, deeply unhappy, dissatisfied, not knowing how to deal with the situation she was in, she felt tired and exhausted of her life, of life in general) and the pain she experienced in her body. I felt Psychosomatic Therapy will give me the answers, a proof that what I felt and thought is not only my imagination but that it is true, that our body and mind are connected and that there is so much more to our sickness, pain, dis-ease. There is.

Psychosomatic Therapy, Yoga, Qigong, 10-day silent meditation, living on an isolated island in the middle of the Pacific ocean for amost 2 years has shaped me in ways I could never imagine. It showed me what true love is, what is compassion, what is selflessness, what is true care. It also brought out the dark side of me, the side I did not want to look at nor see, the truth I did not want to acknowledge or perhaps was afraid to acknowledge and face. Facing your own truth can be the hardest thing to do and also the most rewarding because it is so relieving, it is like something heavy has fallen off your shoulders. The tissue changes, the habits change, the patterns change. It is when we discover the root cause / issue, everything else just disappears, it is like the doors open and a new, fresh energy can flow in. Visualize! How would that feel - a new, fresh energy flowing in? 

As I delved deeper into understanding the body and the mind through my own tissue, I started seeing my body as a story, a story of my life, the life of my parents, grandparents and grandgrandgrandparents. My bones carry the wisdom I did not know about, my tissue carries the knowledge I absorb and observe. My body is my story and through my body I experienced the stories of others. Some call it an intuition. Some call it a skill. All I know is that when I touch someone's tissue a moment, a word(s) or a number comes to my mind and I say it and the person (my client) remembers a story related to the word(s) I had just said. It brings an old trauma forward, an unexpressed emotion/feelings, a moment in life that made them feel troubled, worried, stressed. It comes forward and as soon as it is said, it is released and healing happens. That is how a long standing pain disappears, negative thinking patterns and old trauma vanish.

In 2019, I discovered that I have inherited healing abilities that I knew about from the feedback of my clients but was scared to fully acknowldge the knowing. Since, I have been using my abilities to faciltate healing of many via Zoom, Skype or just a phone call. I close my eyes, I connect with your energy and start scanning the body clearing all the places that need to be cleared in that moment in time. Each moment brings a different tissue hence a different energy, what needs to be cleared today might not be what needs to be cleared tomorrow.


  • Certificate III in Psychosomatic Therapy

  • Masters Certificate in Psychosomatic Therapy

  • Yoga Nidra Instructor

  • The Art of Yin Yoga Teacher

  • QA Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF) and Sports First Aid​​


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